Dr. Kevin Lim Testimonials

Testimonials About Irvine Dentist, Dr. Kevin Lim

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Irvine, California. Read what our patients are saying about Von Karman Dental below.

Dental health is an important aspect of personal hygiene. If it is not, make it so before the next time you get toothaches from cavity or embarrassing bad breathe from gum disease.

In doing so, finding a good dentist is not as simple as 1-800-DENTIST. Having been a patient of Dr. Lim for over 10 years, I truly endorse him as a practitioner who has the skills and personality to make him a great dentist. He is very precise with his work. I have had a very clean wisdom teeth extraction that I didn't even have to use pain reliever during recovery. Bi-annual cleaning is consistent and thorough. Never would I have look at the mirror thinking he could have done better. He is great at communicating with you; addressing your needs and only your needs. You need options? He will give you options. Also very important, he won't pressure you into unnecessary dental work. He maintains a comfortable relationship.

If you were unhappy with your past dentist, I would recommend giving Dr. Lim a try. Maybe like me, you won't ever have to look elsewhere.

- Quincy T.

I had braces before, but lost my retainers. So, my teeth slowly started moving and getting crooked again. As I started losing hope, I went to Dr. Lim to inquire about the Invisalign treatment. The treatment only took 5 months, and my teeth came out just as straight as before. Dr. Lim took really good care of me, and his staff was really helpful. I get compliments on my smile all the time because of the work done by Dr. Lim. Highly recommend him.

- Candice L.

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Lim for all our dental work and he is truly the best! He takes care of each patient with much detail, attention and care, and you really leave feeling great about your visit. Dr. Lim takes the time to explain each procedure carefully and you never feel rushed. I recently had Invisalign done through Dr. Lim and am very happy with the results. The staff is very friendly and warm. The location is ideal, with ample parking and many retail stores and restaurants nearby. Highly recommended!

- Ashley M.

I went to see Dr. Lim earlier this year because my old crown had chipped off while chewing something hard. After the x-rays he mentioned that my crowns were all very old and would need to get them replaced. I had a few root canals and crowns done about 20 years ago and had mistakenly thought that crowns were "forever" and that they didn't need to be replaced. Oh boy, was I wrong and I sure was glad that Dr. Lim was meticulous enough to let me know. When we eventually got around to opening up one of the crowns, most of my real tooth had decayed and were in real bad shape (not to mentioned it smelled bad). He showed me that much of my real tooth had decayed and I was in real danger of losing what was left of my real tooth. Dr. Lim was really concerned for the condition of my teeth and carefully explained to me how I can take care of my teeth one by one and helped me to create a plan to eventually replace all my old crowns. As he worked through my old crowns over several months, each tooth were in a very bad shape, but Dr. Lim cleaned them out and got me set up with new crowns. Dr. Lim is very knowledgable and flexible and his team work really well together. I'm glad I found Dr. Lim and I would recommend him to anyone, especially to people who have bad teeth like me with old crowns. Get them checked by Dr. Lim, people!

- Sam C.

I have been going to doctor Lim for about 5 years now. I was looking for a dentist who provided Invisalign near my work so appointments would be easy to go to on my lunch breaks. I was very pleased with the outcome and love my straightened teeth! I had a cleaning during my Invisalign treatment and was very impressed with his attention to detail and thoroughness, so I decided to change dentists to him full time.
Recently I had veneers put on my two front teeth and they look amazing! I'm upset with myself that I put it off. Had I known the outcome I would have done it much sooner! All of his work is exceptional!

His assistant Felicia is awesome as well!

- Danielle G.